Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Amanda M...Day 293

Shoutout to Anonymous. That quote you left in the comments yesterday really hit me hard.

I wont give up. I've come to far to let a few shitty weeks get the best of me.

I'll be back at the gym tonight--and I will be running there from my house. Knees are feelings better and I am more motivated than I have been in a long time.

Yesterday was a long day at work. Ate okay, minus a chocolate mug cake I made after the salad I had for dinner.

Thinking of trying the programming route come December. Good idea or no?


  1. Yes! You need that spark. All jay asks for is 3 months I believe to give it a good try. Not just a few weeks and bail. If you can do it I would say try it. But if there's anything piece of advice I can give you about programming is do it with everything you've got. No half assing it. Believe me I've done when I was focused and I've had problems stress me out and I'm not as focused. And the difference between the two when it comes to performance is night and day.

  2. Good job Amanda. Someone I follow on twitter (not the person who's quote it is) had tweeted that a few months ago and it stuck with me as a really awesome sentiment.

    Myself, I have mixed emotions on the personal programming. I think you have to ask yourself what it is you are training for? It seems like the personal stuff works good when its sport specific with a goal. Do you have a goal in mind that you are looking to achieve (want to win the 2013 CF Games)? The problem with it is that if you don't have something real specific in mind it's added stress in your life. Like Yadi said there is no half assing it. It can either be a big motivator, or a big added burden (time, money, physical). No more I don't feel like going to the gym today, just gonna run. I am going for the whole "training not to suck at life" thing, so I think the classes are the best all-round chance to do that. The good thing about CF is that there is no rush, it may take 30 more years, but I can scale accordingly. That all being said, if there was a time to do it, it's now. You're young and have no kids (I think?), once little ones come along there is no way in hell any normal person can commit to the schedule needed. And this is nothing against Jay's programming, his work is already proven!