Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Amanda M...Day 287

Another shitty day. My food intake was a lot better...well, as good as Paleo can get given my situation. I really wanted pizza for dinner...like, really fucking badly. But I went to stop n shop's salad bar instead. Wise move!

No workout...my cousin called me last minute and needed a babysitter so I spent my night chasing around a 2 year old. Jesus, if I had half of the energy she has I'd get twice as much done in a day.

Good news...we are moving. It's quite clear that our house would not be finished any time soon so we decided to look at other houses. And by other houses, I mean just one. It is so hard finding a 4 bedroom! We had 1 option and THANK GOD we got it...or else we'd be stuck in a kitchenless house for god knows how long.

I will miss the beach...alot! I never really went out on it, I stayed in the AC most of the summer--I overheat even in the winter. But it was always so nice to look at in the morning with the sunrise. We are trading that in for a house that is within a mile from CFM...how cool is that?! I think that I will start running there and back--just to get in a little more of a workout. Hopefully this winter wont be horrible.

We move in this weekend. I am going to go CRAZY with cooking. I cant wait to be back to a normal routine...to a clean and complete house...woo! If anyone knows a cheap truck rental place, let me know!

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  1. Hey Congrats on the new place! Good to hear!
    And just a quick step to CFM, bonus!!

    And a quick editorial correction on my blog post yesterday.
    It wasn't a front squat it was a back squat. I just realized that today. If I had that kind of front squat I would def be a badass!! My front squat is only 155#. Working on pushing that up!!