Monday, November 5, 2012

It's Time...

It's time for a change.
I don't know what or how. That's whats really bothering me, but I do know it's time for a change.
A change from working in these legitimate shit jobs, being unhappy with my path. But how but when is the big questions. I think about it everyday. It's almost unsettling. I know for a fact that this isn't it, I can feel it in my bones. And no I just can't change it the very next day. I have responsibilites and I am the sole provider so I can't just do it like these feel good stories you see on TV. It has to be a slow (not too slow)  progression into it. BUT WHAT!!???

On a good note I had some PR's at Gary's this Sunday:

Squat Snatch: 88#'s
Clean & Jerk: 121#'s
Back Squat: 215#'s

Boo Yaaa!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Damn! nice PRs!! My front squat is shit compared to yours lol

    One day at a time...we will come out of this shitty point of our lives!