Friday, November 2, 2012


So this week has been one giant Wod. It tested and it still is testing all of us in many, many ways. This one sure isn't for time. It's more like AMRAP....with a little bit of GoRuck mixed into it just so it could fuck with your mental toughness and to see how long its going to take before you break.

I thank God everyday that we were prepared for what was coming and we were getting mentally prepared to go without light and little food for more than a week. We got light after day 2, so it was a blessing.

My prayers go out to everyone severely affected by this storm and I know as humans we will fight through. It won't be easy but it will be done.

On a slightly different note. I got back into the gym this morning. Holy smokes I think it was harder to wake up and drive in than it was to do the actual wod. I'm to blame 100%. I stayed up too late, so I had to pay the piper. I didn't know what to expect this morning in terms of my performance. But I surprised myself again. I Rx'd the damn thing. Yes! Once again another boost in confidence that I am getting stronger. Very surprised because I haven't been working out since GG. So we're talking about almost 2 weeks!!

Very ready to start programming. Just waiting for Jays email for the actual wods then I get my lazy, fat ass back into gear!!!

Have a super safe and properous weekend!!!


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  1. Yadi, good job making it through all that chaos!