Thursday, November 1, 2012

Amanda M...Day 280, 281, and 282

That Sandy sure was a bitch. We prepared for the worst so when we came back to see that our house was still in one piece, we were beyond relieved. Sure, 3 ft of water had been an unwelcomed guest while we were away but at least we didnt lose anything valuable...(besides a fridge, that is already becomming a huge issue)

Tuesday I spent all day ripping out our carpet and linoleum...and let me tell you, that was not easy. We washed our walls because of the water lines that were left. We tried mopping up the mud and water in our kitchen but it just got pushed around so we were literally on our hands and knees using a sponge to pick it up and wring it out into a bucket. It took a while..........a long while.......

I wont be at the gym this week. As soon as I leave work, I head back home to do more damage control. Yesterday was my bedroom--the current storage space from all the things we didnt want damaged that was downstairs. Tonight is the kitchen. Everything in the fridge needs to be tossed out, dishes are everywhere, its a mess. But ya know what? I still have a home and my health and that's all that matters. I may have it worse than most in Milford, but there are people even worse off than me. Thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost everything and many thanks to all those who have offered my roommates and I help in all forms.

Oh, you're probably curious as to what I've been eating. SHIT...complete and utter shit. Peanut butter fluff sandwiches, fast food, candy....anything that is quick/easy and doesnt need to be kept cold or reheated. It sucks. My body is hating me. I miss paleo more than I thought I would...

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  1. Recoupe, Recover and come back like a fucking maniac. Period.

    Let's do this!!!