Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Amanda M...Day 294

So, I didnt run to the gym last night. It got a whole hell of a lot colder throughout the day and all my warm weather stuff is still in boxes (along with the rest of my life at the moment). But, I did get there. The gym is only .9 miles awesome is that?

RDL to the knees: 75/85/95/105
Power Clean 3.2.1: 125/145/155--its funny how my 1 rep max from just a few weeks ago is now part of a normal lifting day :-)
1 min amrap T2B
1 min amrap wall walks

Thank you guys so much for responding to my post yesterday. It was great to see both sides of the programming thing. Yadi, you are such a huge help! Getting that facebook message really got me pumped. Anonymous, you make some great points as well. Is it right for me?

I know if I email Jay and ask about programming, he is going to ask for my goal. I was thinking about this in the shower this morning...what I want most, more than to look good naked. Or better yet, feel great about myself while in my birthday suit. Thats it. It's that simple. I'm not looking to win the CF games...yet...but I need the cofidence first. I am strong. I have great form. I'm a natural born athlete. Yet, I have the confidence of a snail going into a horse race. I hide in the back. I hate standing out because I dont like people looking at me. I dont complete all reps because I dont want to be that fat girl who finishes last like I have my whole life.

Here's the thing. I dont know if programming would be good for that, or if I can get there with classes and I'm just not pushing myself hard enough. I just feel like I've been doing classes for 2 years now and have only maintained. I'm not going to drop weight with strength days like yesterday. Days like today...7 min AD and a kb/boxjump/DU workout? Yes.

Maybe I'll just email him and see what he thinks. Any other comments regarding my goal with programming are greatly appreciated!

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  1. I'm sure you already look great naked, if you want, you can post a naked picture and Yadi & I will judge it, strictly for support purposes of course!!!

    Enough with the foolish talk that strength days won't make you lose weight. Muscle attacks fat like my grand-pappy stormed Normandy. Don't focus on losing "weight", focus on losing "body fat", and you do that by putting on muscle. That's why bodybuilders do zero cardio, and have 3% bodyfat. Not that that's the look you are going for, which is why CF has the health mix of strength days and metcon days and everything else thrown in. As much as I hate to admit it, it really does all come down to nutrition. If you want it, your eating has to be on-point. My eating has been right on target for maybe half a year or so and now it doesn't matter what I do for a workout. I "lose weight" on rest days because I keep the nutrition on point. Took many years to figure out that rest days are recovery days those are the days your body needs good food the most.

    And the shitty part about confidence is that its a muscle too. It only gets better by working it. I am a shy person, which I enjoy, and is probably the reason that I talk to you on this blog rather then when I see you at the gym (hopefully that doesn't sound creepy?), anyways, my job forces me to meet and talk with new people trying to make connections, stir up new business, and talk in front of large crowds of powerful people, and it sucks, but it does get easier. If you stand in the back row now, then make a deal with yourself, say each month you'll move up a row of people, five months from now you can either be still stuck in back, or at the head of the class? I'm sure you'll be showing people what's up!