Monday, November 26, 2012

Amanda M...Day 304 & 305

Ah, the holiday is finally over. Now we have one month until the next shit show...time to do some work.

So my body basically hates me right now. I've stuffed it past its limits for days and I regret every bite (maybe wasnt regretting it while it was happening but definitely paying for it now...)

Today was the first time in a month that I was able to cook myself a good breakfast and lunch for work. It already feels great! Very happy to be back on track

So, this is going to be the game plan for me. I tried the no-sugar thing...twice. And each time, I failed miserably. And by that, I mean I had a few binge fests on candy and other sweets. I just can't live completely without...not yet. So, I brought dark chocolate covered almonds back into my life starting today. I will also be getting back into baking paleo treats. It keeps my cravings under control. Also, I've always been one to tell people "if you want something, just have it! Just dont go crazy..." so this method will keep me from going crazy.

I will let you all know how it goes--of course ;-)

Only 60 days left. Bittersweet. I will miss it looks like I'll have to get my other page back into shape so I can continue writing to an audience of 0-2 people lol

How did you guys survive the holidays?

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  1. It was nice to meet you Amanda, even though we've met before. I've remained paleo after the challenge thing, I was eating like that about a month before it too. It's actually been just over 100 days straight now that i'm counting. Not the stupid lurong rules, can't have honey but can have sweetener garbage, real paleo (no sugar, no wheat, no rice, no beans, only dairy is my Progenex). I kept it through the holiday but didn't plan well for going to my in-laws. I should have packed veggies and fat to bring. I only ate turkey and sweet potato soup that my wife brought. Ended up eating too much because I was starving and bored. My body responds really good to paleo eating, but its like clockwork, when its time to eat, there had better be food there or there will be trouble. Luckily, no sugar doesn't bother me. Not saying I don't get craving now and then, but they pass. Funny how smells can affect it though, something that triggers a non-paleo craving is making my kids lunches for school. I'll open the bread bag a get a whiff, that usually makes me want a sandwich too. I've learned to make their lunches while breathing through my mouth so I don't have to smell it (whatever you need to do, right?).

    You can make a lot of progress in 60 days, time to rally!