Friday, November 16, 2012

Amanda M...Day 296

Yesterday was another 530 am class. Not bad! A whole bunch of stuff mixed in but honestly, If i never have to do another pushup again in my life, I am totally okay with it. My chest is totally shot! My abs too...Oh did I mention how much I loathe FLR? They really mess up my shoulders...its not fun.

Starting to get my groove back. Feels nice. I have all next week off so I'll be able to jump in any class I want! Should be fun to try out different times :-)

Anonymous thought more people would follow the blog? To be honest, I never expected much of a following from this. A few months? Yeah maybe a few people would be interested. But I knew that for a whole year, people would drop off....the members included. I think some people stopped blogging before month 4. It was sad to see...and still is. I still come on here in hopes someone will do a random check in...make me feel not so lonely in all of this...but, it rarely happens lol Really glad to see Yadi write some posts though :-) Keep it up! I like hearing how you're doing!

Would I do this again? Knowing I'd be the only one who would stick with this for a whole year solid? Absolutely. It helps just to get everything out, even if no one reads it. I miss the meetings though! Even though no one really showed for those either haha but at least the people who did make it brought awesome treats!

69 days left! Its go time

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