Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Amanda M...Day 340 & 341

Monday and Tuesday...New Years!

What a bittersweet feeling for it to be Tuesday night. Back to work tomorrow but I feel completely prepared and rejuvenated. Hopefully that feeling will last through tomorrow lol

Well, everyone has New Years resolution...might as well share mine!
1. Work on my novel--some of you may not know, but I really love writing and have a pretty good knack for it. Will be taking a class in the spring to work on it.
2. Do a half marathon--preferably the Savin Rock Half Marathon on March 23.
3. Do a GoRuck run--preferably the one in Manchester NH on June 28

All the races are doable...12 weeks until the race and then 14 weeks until the Go Ruck which gives me plenty of time to train for both.

Other than that, obviously on of my resolutions is to get to my goal weight. Something I had set out to do LAST year. I just have to get my ass in gear. I am hoping that having these races in my sight will keep me motivated.

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