Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Amanda M...Day 361

Yesterday was good. Food was clean besides some ranch dressing on my salad.

Workout was horrible haha but aren't they always? I need to remember how shitty I feelt after not working out for 4 days and eating like an idiot. It doesn't feel nice...yet, I do it anyways.

Really mad at myself for what I did over the weekend. I had it in my head that I was going to be good...that even if I did eat something less than healthy that I wouldn't go overboard. That didnt work. I dont know what it is about my addiction to food...even though I know 100% that I shouldn't be doing it, I still do it anyways. Now I'm sitting here at my desk with my pants unbuttoned cause they are too tight when last year they were falling off of me.

It took me 20 min to talk myself into getting up early to run today. I almost didn't but finally just threw my covers off and sucked it up. What happened to my drive?

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