Monday, January 7, 2013

Amanda M...Day 344, 345 & 346

Friday: Major major back pain. I could barely even walk, it was that painful to take a step. Skipped the workout even thought I said I wouldn't but I knew I needed to take the day. I had promised Lara I'd come to the 7am Sat class so I didn't want to do too much.

Friday night I went out to Sliders in Wallingford. Surrounded by fried everything, wings drenched in sauces, and lots and lots of booze. I was the only one at our table of 12 that was drinking water. Instead of the mac & cheese burger I really wanted...I settled with an avocado turkey wrap with a side of chili instead of fries. High five for me :-) Not drinking is so much cheaper lol

Saturday: 7am workout followed by breakfast at Whole Foods. This was my first time visiting Whole Foods for breakfast---which is my most favorite meal of the day. I was in fucking heeeaaavennnn!!!

Took a nap...then tried to run 4 miles. I got 2 miles in and totally hit a wall. Saturdays are going to be big running days for me and I'm not totally sure how to go about it...skip crossfit and run instead? Or run on Sundays instead? We will see...

Sunday: Lazy day and my rest day. Took the boyfriend to whole foods for breakfast because he didnt know what the big deal was about...when he saw the spread, he got just as super excited as I did haha

Only a few more weeks left...It's going to be so weird not coming on here everyday

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