Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Amanda M...Day 354

I stood in the front of the class last night! WOO! It wasn't all that horrible either.. I was still a bit self conscious but it worked out just fine by the end of the night.

Holy hell, my ass was killing me as soon as I left the gym. I love lunges especially for that reason. Front standing lunges with a barbell though...so awkward. I felt like a baby giraffe learning to walk. The guy next to me fell 3 times! It would have been better if we could have done walking ones but there were way too many people.

Food was on point yesterday. Learned my lesson with eating chocolate. Found a few bugs in the candy I had been eating since fucking Christmas. My stomach was turning all day just thinking about if I actually ate any or not. YUCK!! I wont lie, I will probably go to Trader Joe's to get some dark chocolate covered almonds...much healthier choice. Sometimes you just need a piece of chocolate! I am definitely much happier now that I have settled with being 80/20. I get too depressed with I am 100% strict

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  1. Good job Amanda! My ass is still killing me from those lunges