Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amanda M...Day 342

Today was a good day...woke up early and ran 2 miles. It was supposed to be 3 but I didn't calculate the time correctly and didn't want to get too late of a start to my day.

Back to rice with lunch.

Work wasn't too stressful. It was actually pretty nice to be back and to have a routine again. It was starting to get boring being at home and getting fat lol

Workout at CFM was good. A very nice workout to come back to. 8 min at my own pace of a bunch of pull ups, squats and sprinting of all sorts. I can tell you right now that I already know I wont be walking right for a while haha

As soon as I got there, Jay walked up to me and asked how my diet was going. Talk about embarrassment!! I told him that the holidays were really bad and he asked about how I was doing before the holiday. I told him that I didn't lose a single pound in the second week and he told me I should get my allergy testing done to see if maybe I am allergic to something he told me to add to my diet.

THEN Colin comes up to me and asks if I had been away on vacation or something haha fuck me. I didn't think anyone would notice that I had been missing....but I guess if someone goes to the 530 class every day for 2 years, its noticeable when they're gone for 2 weeks. Blatantly told him that I had been lazy lol at least I don't make excuses!

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