Friday, January 25, 2013

Amanda M...Day 365

So…I survived the Year Long Assessment. I have blogged about the past 365 days of my life!

The purpose of this was to hold ourselves accountable for our actions; journal about our day to day struggles and triumphs for all to see. I have been through many ups and downs along the way, as have many of the other members who participated. It was great to have support and to know that we are not alone in all of this. Although many of the other members faded away from the daily blogging, I know that if I approached any of them in person, or through Facebook, that they would offer their full support and vice versa. And I bet all of them are really really well too!

We were asked to write down some of our goals that we wanted to accomplish throughout the year. In a nutshell, mine were to: hit a total of 100lb weight loss (at the time it was a mere 40lbs more to go…), be more confident, and to hit some new PRs (180 power clean, 8min 2k row, unassisted pull up, etc) The end result? *cue crash and burn sound clip* I didn't hit a single one of them. I put on weight, making my goal of hitting 100lb total loss even further out of reach. I am JUST starting to come out of my back corner spot and making my way up to the front of the class. I am 10lbs away from hitting my 180 power clean goal (close is not good enough for me), haven’t tested my 2k row and am still a slave to the dreaded ring rows. Life is full of failures though so I’ll just take this past year as it was and grow from it.

So, what exactly have I been doing all year? I tend to sit here while writing my blog posts and ask myself that question all the time. It seems that throughout this past year, every time I take one step forward, I've been taking two steps back. But when I really focus, and count all up the little successes, I do feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. What I can say for sure, is that this assessment has really opened up my eyes. I may not have hit any of my big goals, but at least I've been able to figure out what has been holding me back from accomplishing them. This upcoming year will be my year to finally get on track and stay there. I finally have 100% confidence in saying that.

Blogging has become a routine for me, as well as a mini therapy session. Although most of my posts have gone un-read, it still felt great to get shit off my chest—cry a little, rejoice often and swear a lot. So,  I will continue to blog on my own and invite you all to continue following my life. My blog is full of recipes and rants as well. It’s a good time!

Thanks for all the support and I look forward to turning this year long assessment into a lifelong one. A big thanks for Jay, Kathy and Dr Jaime for putting all of this together! It's been life changing.


  1. Amanda, you did awesome on this assessment. Don't get caught up in numbers, they aren't important. Life's a marathon not a sprint. I look forward to reading your blog. Well done!

  2. you get the gold star!!! amazing the dedication!! cant wait to continue reading!!