Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Amanda M...Day 347

It was a good day. I got a new bed over the weekend and man, I have been sleeping like a rock!! It's very firm but I got a foam pad and a mattress pad to go over that...now it is perfect. I sleep right through the night, all the way until my alarm goes off. Cant wait to go to bed again haha

Food was on point. Took the rice and oates back out of my diet :-/ just wasn't working for me. Made me feel bloated and gas-y. Had two pieces of chocolate but that's all I needed. It's nice to allow myself a small sweet treat without going over board. It's better than holding out all week and then binging on the weekend.

Workout was great. I'm starting to love OHS. I think I finally got the right position to where it isn't as painful on my wrists and not too far behind my ears to where my arms are going to fly behind me--I have really loose shoulders (almost TOO loose) so I've always had a problem with that. Now I just need to perfect the squat snatch! It's probably my ugliest lift...anything over 65lbs just flies right over my head and rips my arms out of place lol ugly!!

Happy Tuesday! Started today off with a 3 mile run :-)

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