Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amanda M...Day 349

Thank you all so much for the support yesterday. I really needed it!! It's great to know that I am not alone in my thoughts and actions.

Another 3 mile run this morning. My running training isn't too crazy during the week, but the weekends are going to be my longer runs. Adding on a mile each weekend. Still trying to figure it out while still doing crossfit. Was feeling a bit run down today at the workout but I partially blame this stomach ache I had.

Tomorrow I will be eating some oats a few hours before class. I know by Thursday I start to get beat down so I figure the added carbs will help.

Jay emailed me last night right after I posted on the facebook page and told me to start standing in the front row. He snagged me right as I walked into the gym tonight and brought it up again. Naturally, I was like "uhhh...maybe..." haha but I told him I could start with the middle row and work my way up. So that's what I did...well I tried to at least. You don't have much say when it comes to placement in a class full of like 30 people. I was in the middle of the middle as opposed to the back corner...its a step!

Yadi is so right. I'm wasting precious time by holding back. I look back at all my calenders since I was a kid...and there is always a count down written in the corner--a countdown to a date when I am supposed to weigh a certain weight. Seriously, it's on every calendar I owned and every assignment book I had. I even made my own calendars specifically for weight loss time lines. My whole life has been a countdown to when I could finally be happy...and I've never made it all the way to day 0. This is my time. I want to be happy. Truly happy.

Tomorrow is a new day! So pumped for some push jerks--second favorite move after the power clean.

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